CLICK HERE FOR A FREE WOKROUT!! www.turbulencetraining.com This is an alternative ab exercise circuit that you can do with just a stability ball and your bodyweight to easily replace the cable abs exercises. Just a warning for those who have low back problems; all of the exercises in this circuit are advanced abdominal exercises, involving more spinal flexion. So, if you do have low back problems, then you should skip this workout. To start out, you will do a stability ball Crunch, using a three second eccentric in place of the hanging leg raise. Do 15 reps for this exercise. Next, you’ll move immediately into a stability ball Rollout. So, with your knees on a mat, and your arms extended in front on the ball, keep your body in a straight line and stretch your abs by rolling the ball out, and then contract your abs to roll the ball back in. From here, you’ll go right into a X-Body Mountain Climber. In this exercise, start by getting in the regular push up position and then bring your opposite knee up to your opposite elbow and back out. Alternate sides. That’s it for the circuit. So rest, one minute and then repeat the circuit two more times for a total of three circuits. Craig Ballantyne from Turbulence Training and TTMembers shows us how to get RIPPED ABS! http
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  1. TheAbStand says:

    Great ab exercises! If? being on the ground causes too much neck pain or back pain doing a lot of different ab exercises, The AbStand also works wonders.

  2. Krustbox says:

    Search “Abs Workout” on Krustbox (dot) com?

  3. Mamatidebabe says:

    I? like the last one 🙂 Thank you

  4. OvoPiano says:


  5. XXXHORUS says:

    seem pretty? solid…if yo ask me…gonna try it out…thanks

  6. WiiGuy14 says:

    sit? ups

  7. XaviertheStoner says:

    i can do 100 push ups in a row and im 13 but im not that tank? either..just practise i geuss 🙂 its probaly not that much anyway hahaah

  8. koolpooldrool says:

    Im 12 and 125 lbs, i don? t really have much fat its ll mostly muscle. I got a 4 pack and i dont have a stability ball. Ar there any other excersizes I can do

  9. zetterberg07 says:

    haha my friend is? 14 and 82 pounds

  10. SoeJatriani says:

    110 lbs? Id be VERY worried if were you about? your weight. That is dangerously skinny.

  11. SavageInsight says:

    I’m the same way. Your skin is still elastic, and has a lot of collagen, an elastic protein that keeps your skin smooth and stretchy.
    Later on,? you may lose that and start to have the “grown-up” fat look with looser skin.
    Fat is actually the thickness attached *under* your skin, so when you pinch and pull out, you can squeeze that layer to see how much you have.
    Most people need about 8-10% fat (that’s a lot) to be healthy. Healthy fat is important in the right amounts esp for athletes.

  12. TehScooterer says:

    I’m 14 and I weigh 105-110 pounds. I have a six pack and muscles. When ever I pinch the skin on the side of my rib cage I? can pull out a lot of the skin. I want to know if this is fat or is my skin stretchable?

  13. RuggerPip says:

    On the stability ball roll out, if you? get up off your knees and stay on your feet, you’ll feel it a lot more. A lot harder to remain balanced but I certainly feel it more.

  14. dcvien says:

    very very interesting! I just started taking up core exercise classes.? Im gona try this one.

  15. bron42 says:

    dark, judgin from the design it looks like? one of the “no explode” swiss balls and they can be kinda pricey but are worth it

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