Core Workout AB-Domination with Laura London Are you ready to work your ABS. I have three CORE moves for you today. Remember it is not about doing these exercises fast,…
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  1. LauraLondon100 says:

    You can do it!!! Keep me posted.?

  2. LauraLondon100 says:

    Go Alexandra!!?

  3. LauraLondon100 says:

    Read the ingredients in the hot pocket :)?

  4. AshlynnTube says:

    Laura: come on youre doing? great! *sitting on the couch eating a hot pocket*

  5. loralin38 says:

    You are an inspiration to me and you workout videos are amazing. I’ve never had tight abs and now that I am? in my early 40’s I intend to work at getting them. So happy I found you.

  6. Alexandra Gearhart says:

    Im so happy I found you! I Just had my 3rd child and this time I didn’t bounce back like I did the rest Feeling really baby about my belly,? but now Im doing these 5 times a day( diff ones on your page) WISH ME LUCK!!! #WantMyHotBodyBack!

  7. CookiesPls says:

    I? am so doing this at the gym tomorrow. 🙂

  8. deets2008 says:

    love all your work out videos laura youve inspired me to add more to my work outs and push? for my goal! <3

  9. China Silva says:

    Love these exercises! You are Great!!! to see major results do I need to do these exercises lots more? then once a day??

  10. Lavon Silveira says:

    Awesome!! You look? so Hott!!

  11. leonina72 says:

    I? love it!!

  12. LauraLondon100 says:

    Thank you! Happy New Year!?

  13. Snoopy3097 says:

    I love? your workout videos! You look awesome!

  14. LauraLondon100 says:

    Thank? you 🙂

  15. LauraLondon100 says:

    Thank you!?

  16. Trish Alexander says:

    did these….awesome!?

  17. Kingphetdala B. Hansen says:

    Yes, you’re ABSOLUTELY know ABS! What should I do to get? the best result of building ABS? As always you’re AWESOME, Laura!!! Love you 🙂

  18. TheJocha31 says:

    Hi again! Lol! I do exercise my midsection, but to get it flat what are two things that you recommend from your personal experience doing to get there.?

  19. golddustme says:

    I am? enjoying all of your instructional videos…thank you!

  20. Nadira Olimkhan says:

    Gonna do this one tomorrow? 🙂

  21. LauraLondon100 says:

    SMILING… Thank you… ? I know ABS…

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