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Want to see what the toughest 21 day workout program is all about? This short video will get you excited. Then try it Free! http://bit.ly/YE4utY.

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  1. lifevest1 says:

    I love how they always show super in shape people? who probably didn’t use this program to get fit.

  2. Raychel Roach says:

    You can do anything you want…you dont have to try to hit it? as hard right away, work at your own pace and then you will start killing it, the pounds will melt right off and it only gets easier along the way, good luck!

  3. Rezgui Sami says:

    If you seriously want to lose fat fast, you should look up on google Trim Fat Maximizer. That? can help you get the body you deserve.

  4. Rich Burgess says:

    this is for lazy fat college students and adults.? if they are too lazy to even go to a gym what makes you think they are going to keep “pushing it” after a few seconds.

  5. Rich Burgess says:

    this is for lazy fat college students and adults. if they are too lazy to even go to a? gym what makes you think they are going to keep “pushing it” after a few seconds.

  6. u2joshuadesireu says:

    im 50 and if i can do thse and survive? anyone can!!!!!

  7. u2joshuadesireu says:


  8. pankti123 says:

    if you survive the first week, you can survive? the whole 21 days. No doubt!!!

    Just stay strong :).

  9. smuwakil says:

    When I completed my first round of Insanity I was 30lbs overweight and had injured both knees so I had to wear knee braces thru the whole thing, I couldn’t jump so whenever they were doing jumps I just did squats instead, so IF YOU REALLY WANT IT BAD ENOUGH YOU? WILL FIND A WAY! so the question is DO YOU? DO YOU WANT IT BAD ENOUGH???

  10. oneluve08 says:

    I just tried this today and insanity is wayy harder.. but it was the first day so this daily burn thing might get more? challenging later..

  11. oneluve08 says:

    don’t make excuses so you? can work up to their level.

  12. cheator95 says:

    They laughed when I told them I was going to burn calories with Slim Body Maximizer, but then I showed them the results. Go and google Slim Body Maximizer to see their reaction.?

  13. shashi reddy says:

    Have you tried “Ripped X Beast?” (Go? Google it) It is a quick and easy way to bulk up fast.

  14. luciane6283 says:

    It would be? a shame if you did not get ripped when these normal people do it so easily with Lean Body Stagger (Look it up on google).

  15. GatorGatorade says:

    So cash? = fit. well im broke so whatever haha 🙁

  16. oceanspeckle says:

    you have to put in a credit card number still though? ;/

  17. pankti123 says:

    I’ll stick with insanity since i am already on week 5, but I will give this? a try before i got to my round 3 of insanity.

  18. falsepride says:

    You will work up to? it, if you stop being a weakling!!!! Every one starts some where. Toughen up, or be a coward for life!!!!

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