Getting a Lower Abs Workout

It is difficult and frustrating to figure out the right workout for the lower abs since there is the constant feeling that you are doing the exercises wrong. There are some things to keep in mind when attempting to work the lower abs and three easy exercises that can show you results from the lower abs workout.

The most important thing to remember in order to keep from getting discouraged is that a lower abs workout that focuses just on this area will aid in losing fat in the area being worked. Fat has to be lost over the entire body in order to lose fat in this area. Performing an effective lower abs workout will however strengthen and tone the core muscles.

Now that you know the important facts there are three exercises that should be included in a lower abs workout for maximum results.

The fist exercise in a workout is the alternating supine leg walk.

This exercise is begun by lying on the floor and placing your hands under the buttocks. The legs are lifted vertically and the ads contracted to tense up the midsection. Next one leg is lowered to within a couple inches of the ground and the position is held for approximately one second. Return the start and alternate legs for a few more repetitions.

The next exercise is the supine reverse crunch. This exercise begins the same way as the last one only the legs are bent ninety degrees one you have them vertical to the body. Tense up the midsection by contracting the abdominal muscles while keeping the legs at a ninety degree angle. Keeping the angle lower the legs slowly until the back of the feet are a couple inches off the ground then pull the knees toward the chest while squeezing the abs.

Repeat for a full set.

The last exercise is the leg lift. Once again lie down on your back with hands placed beneath the buttocks and lift the legs vertical to the body. In this lower abs workout the upper abs are utilized to contract the midsection. Both legs are then lowered until the back of the feet are just above the ground and this position is help for a few seconds. Then return the legs to their vertical position and repeat the exercise.

Remember that you have to loss fat over the entire body and incorporating these three exercises will give you an effective workout of the lower abs that provides results.

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