Greg Plitt’s MFT28 Day 1, Chest Dominance Bodybuilding com

Awesome Greg Plitt full chest work-out from MFT28
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  1. Anders Olsson says:

    Flys = width / press movement = depth.? WTF is he talking about!?!

  2. Joey Morgan says:

    Do you work out in Knoxville??

  3. steketcanada says:

    I agree. I did this? workout. I can’t do some of the exercises for my fitness level and shoulder issues. but I managed to do the workout and find sub exercises for those I could? not do. I did take over an hour 1hour 30 mins. I did the evening workout in about 1 hour.

  4. steketcanada says:

    I? agree. I did this workout. I can’t do some of the exercises for my fitness level and shoulder issues. but I managed to do the workout and find sub exercises for those I could not do. I managed to finish the workout in 1 hour and 45minutes.

  5. Jballa371 says:

    stfu ur prob some neckbeard faggot ?

  6. ANeonTiger says:

    He’s a little douchey sometimes but I find him motivating at other times.? And I don’t know about thousands of guys. This guy has one of the best physiques in the world IMO.

  7. er1cmaurer says:

    I’m sorry, but I have to get this off my chest. There are thousands of guys at regular gyms who look better than this guy. This dude NEEDS to fit his ugly ass hair AND stop wearing eyeliner like a bitch. This dude makes me embarrassed to be a? guy. And this is NOT jealously talking here. I personally think this guy is a straight up douche hole.

  8. herpes126 says:

    i did this workout today, IT DOESN’T TAKE MORE THAN ONE HOUR TO FINISH, if you do it right. I personally think it’s a killer workout and that’s cause in wrestling we workout for 2-3 hours straight. Which also brings me to my next point, STOP? COMPLAINING IF YOU HAVEN’T TRIED IT. After you’ve given it a shot and you don’t like it, just do your own thing and never come here again.

  9. Calvin Cruz says:


  10. Alexander Tychonick says:

    I lolled?

  11. L1Spartacus says:

    hey, I checked your website out, and? watched your program. Twice a day. But do you do all of them exercise every time? Or do you switch it up, and do like 2 or 3 of them?
    Really going to get even more focused, and give everything i got at the gym.

  12. Grant83023 says:

    yeah so after i did his five workouts i got sick the night after the last workout and was dien for three days, its fair to say that Greg Plitt kicked my ass, you shouldnt just jump in to this type of high intensity training? lie i did

  13. 10in30 says:

    Greg rules. But I cringed at 11:00 when he’s doing dumbbell bench press drop sets with other dumbbells on the floor. That’s how I smashed the FÜCK out of my finger and it almost got severed. It was actually? barely hanging at the tip. I put the DB down right on top of another DB from previous set, finger got smashed in between.

    Moral and SAFETY TIP: Make sure your area is clean and get all DB’s the F out of the way! Also watch out for others’ DB’s rolling into your area! Stay safe, y’all!

  14. Chady Chokr says:

    no one is? going to do all that in the gym. ty men

  15. teh5o says:

    Lol you seriously think Greg Plitt does any of this for his own? training?

  16. svettc0dgamerfan says:

    is that? yoga pants?

  17. mursalat says:

    I am not? sure if you ever read these comments Greg.. ill post it anyway for what its worth.. ….just wanted to say Thanks for posting these vidz.. You are a motivation for me and many others I am sure.. God bless.

  18. kevincc13 says:

    Lots of haters?

  19. Angel C says:

    Apparently you don’t know his nature,? this dude motivates like mad.

  20. theoberman says:

    He needs to? stfu. I swear he snorts coke before every filming session

  21. hiphoprecep says:

    thank you ,? i understand everything ,

  22. matt frazer says:

    nice? physic but shut up cunt that annoying, you voice gave me ear cancer

  23. Joe Salvatore says:

    Nice work ?

  24. Exnihilo Caeser says:

    ?? ???? ????? ????? ??? ??? ???? ????? ?????

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