The Expendables Tribute Workout Challenge Lower Abs

HPDRAGON723: Want to look at a legit lower ab. workout video? Remember me from Insane Push Ups? MORE THAN 14 MINUTES NON STOP OF AB. LEG LIFTS. Now take this…
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  1. John Vieira says:

    haha? Rocky in the background. fuck i’m high

  2. hiiDoCare says:

    shared on? fb and tweet!

  3. freedunkface says:

    this is? one of the most impressive things ive seen everybody knows how hard that is

  4. smoothiegee says:

    dude ur jus insanely crazy doin that much leg lifts! its inspring though being able to see? someone take fitness to a level i havent seen before lol. inspring bro! your pain gave me hope lol

  5. hpdragon723 says:

    I love you my sweet wife Decibel. I am going to eat the Broccoli, but this time without the cheese and? bacon on top of it. It won’t make sense like that. Let’s go healthy from now on. So no more Mocha Frappe from Burger King, no more chocolate, and we have to dring more water. It will be hard because of my EVIL SWEET TOOTH but we can do this. I love you Decibel.

  6. Anthony medina says:

    Awesome,make sure you take a photo,for the before & after results,also if you can keep us posted on your progress every 2 weeks? or something like that.
    Good luck with your journey.

  7. hpdragon723 says:

    Challenge taken. 3 months, okay then. I am up for the challenge.
    NO CHEAT MEALS.? Working out I already do every day, so it should
    give me fast results. Thank you for the advice.
    I have to stop baking and making all the yummy Cheesecake Pops
    and Cake Pops. My kids love those, but I have to start eating healthy.
    I have an EVIL SWEET TOOTH that craves CHOCOLATE and CHEESECAKE.
    But I will fight it very bravely.

  8. Yovanna Gypsy says:

    Yes baby, you see and you don’t like broccoli only with lots of cheese and bacon!!!! ^___^ not good.?

  9. Anthony medina says:

    If you want to lose the lower belly fat just, eat steamed broccoli and “Skinless” grilled chicken or turkey for 3 months that combined with weight lifting and with? cardio you will lose body fat at a good rate so yea ,thats my Challenge for you.

    PS:No cheat meals

  10. hpdragon723 says:

    Thanks for subscribing.?

  11. randezel87 says:

    Nice !!!! Keep doing your? thing.Im gonna subscribe to your page. Please check me out as well DEZEL WORKOUTS….All about fitness and getting in the best shape ever….1 day at a time

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